Did You Know?

When violent acts, natural disasters, vandalism or accidents shatter your building's windows, flying glass can be responsible for most of the damage, injuries and deaths that occur. And the truth is, much of the destruction resulting from these lethal shards can be controlled-even-prevented in corporate and retail buildings, restaurants, hotels, and homes, with Llumar Magnum safety and security films.

Safety/Security Assurance

Protective window film provides you with an additional level of confidence and protection for you home or business.

Our Measures

If your retail location is in a high crime area or if you have concerns about severe hurricanes, the threat of earthquake or bombing, Llumar can provide protection against these threats. Llumar Safety & Security Window Film acts as a deterrent to vandals in the event of a break in, but will also hold glass in place upon breakage, protecting occupants and merchandise from being hit with flying glass.

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